About Us

4 Star Bikes (based in Heswall) is the first in a line of shops and mobile servicing units across the North West. Striving to exceed customer expectations and provide a service of great value at a realistic cost. We are so passionate and enthusiastic about our work and team bring innovative new ideas everyday. We supply most types of Cycles across the UK, based out of Heswall Wirral. For all Bike and Cycle Repairs, nothing is too small or large .
Stocking Numerous cycle brands including Kross, Tiffossi, Cineli, Look, De Novo, Adventure, KiddiMoto and more. Not to mention all the bike parts and items we all need to ride the likes of the Wirral Way.
Our Services & Products
bicycle accessories
bicycle parts
bicycle wheels
bmx bikes
children's bicycles
crash helmets
electric bicycles
folding bicycles
hybrid bicycles
mountain bicycles
racing bicycles
touring bicycles